WEC Brown vs Faber 2 Predictions and Live Results

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What a weekend we have coming up June 6th and 7th. We have Strikeforce featuring Lawler vs Shields and then on Sunday we have WEC Brown vs Faber 2. What a good weekend to be an MMA fan.

I have waited a long time to see this rematch. Was the first a fluke on is Matt Brown the real deal? I bet Leonard Garcia thinks he is. Brown smashed Garcia in his first title defense. Faber came back from his loss to Brown with a impressive victory over Jens Pulver. Can he win his belt  back or does Mike Brown have the Faber number?

Main card

Mike Brown(21-4-0)vs. Urijah Faber(22-2-0)

I am so excited to watch these two go at it again. Can mike brown beat Faber a second time or was the first time just luck? I am going to have to pick Urijah Faber.


Round One: They move to the center of the cage. Faber landing some nice shots on Brown. Brown eye is cut open. They end up on the ground both moving for position. I will have to give the round to Faber.

Round two: They trade punches in the center of the cage. Brown seems to be off  his game. Brown takes Faber down lands a couple of elbows. Faber trying to escape and get back to his feet.  They exchange a few punches but just battling for position. I will have to give this round to Brown

Round three: They move to the center of the cage trading a few punches. Faber seem to be landing more punches them Brown. They go to the ground and right back to the feet. Faber seem to be concerned about his right hand it might be broken. I have to give this round to Faber.

Round four: They are moving a lot slower this round. Faber hand’s is broken. Brown is out landing Faber. Brown wins this round.

Round five: In the center of the cage they trade punches and kicks. Brown takes Faber down and right back to there feet. Faber almost lands a choke but because his had is broken he can’t lock it down. I will have to give this round to Faber.


Jose Aldo(14-1-0) vs. Cub Swanson(13-2-0)

This is a hard fight to predict. Swanson looked good in his last fight. I will have to go with Swanson.

RESULTS: WOW! Jose Aldo unloaded on Cub, TKO just seconds into the fight.

Donald Cerrone 9(-1-1) vs. James Krause(10-0-0)

This will end up being fight of the night, right here. When these guys enter the ring there will be nothing but fireworks. I am going to pick Donald Cerrone.

RESULT: Donald Cerrone wins with a rear naked choke.

Josh Grispi(10-1-0) vs. Jens Pulver(22-11-1)

Sorry Josh, but anytime Jens fight I will always pull for him. Jens is a great guy and I hope he wins. I do not want to see him beat bad, because it might mean the end of Jens fighting career. My pick Jens Pulver.


Round One: Jens submitted via guillotine in first round.

Under card

Manny Gamburyan (10-5-0) vs. John Franchi(5-0-0)

Win or lose, I am big fan of Manny every since the TUF show. Manny’s talent has grow and he is ready to show it off. My pick is Manny Gamburyan.

Charlie Valencia(10-5-0) vs.  Kyle Dietz(5-0-0)

I really don’t know Kyle, but 5-0 is not a bad record in MMA. I’m going out on a limb and my pick is Kyle Dietz.

Mike Cambell (6-1-0) vs. Anthony Pettis(6-0-0)

My pick Mike Cambell.

Scott Jurgensen (6-2-0) vs. Antonio Banuelos (15-4-0)

My pick is Antonio Banuelos.

Eddie Wireland (14-6-1) vs. Frank Gomez (6-1-0)

My pick Frank Gomez.

Rolando Perez(4-2-1) vs. Seth Dikum(6-3-0)

My pick Seth Dikum.

This fight card is subject to change.


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  1. Brendan Crawford

    Yes, it seems like MMA is blowing up like a finale of fireworks. Promoters are really stepping up to the plate and giving the fans what they want. I agree with all of your predictions with the exception of one… Jose Aldo vs Cub Swanson. While Swanson has a dealdy style, I believe Jose Aldo is just to versatile for any fighter to train for. His speed, unorthodox style, striking, ground game is just to overwhelming for Cubby. I believe this is going to be a one sided fight. I may be wrong, but my pick goes to Jose Aldo.

    Onto Jens Pulver, coming off of three losses, I believe Jens needs a crowd pleasing moment against Grispi or his career might be over and fatherhood might be his new full time job. My hats off to Jens and I hope he wins this fight, but only time will tell. After all, one can only take so much punishment before punishment takes over.

    1. MMA Punk

      Thanks for the comment Brenden. I love true MMA fans and we love our fighters. Jens does need a crowd pleasing moment . I wish him the best and also hopes he wins his fight. I think you are right father hood will be his new full time job. We shall see about Swanson and Aldo I hope it’s not one sided but if it is I will make sure to point out in my live results that you called. Any time you would like to post you own fight prediction or do a guest blog let me know and I will post them

  2. Extreme John

    After watching these two in their first fight live in Hollywood than hanging out at the after party (which I barely remember)… I can NOT wait to see this fight again, Mike Brown is a true monster no doubt, hopefully Urijah Faber stays focused and executes his game plan. Save the pretty showman stuff for the title defense Urijah… Please.

  3. Brendan Crawford

    Lace, I will try my best to add my insight to most of the posts that are posted on this site. You probably don’t recognize me because I do not have a picture posted, but I am the kid that babysits john’s kids with my girl when you all go out. I do love MMA, you hit that one on the head. As for Jen, this sport is not like other sports where you can continue to kick ass until your fourty (unless your Randy Couture), so I think Jen’s door might be closing here on the 7th if he does not shock the crowd! As for the Aldo fight, yeah we will have to see how this one plays out. The kid is the future of the featherweight in my opinion (well at least for WEC that is) lol. Put him in the UFC and he might be a contender, but not like he is in WEC.

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