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Here we go again fight fans! It’s time for UFC 98! After what some would call a disappointing showing of Anderson Silva and Chuck “The Iceman” Liddell getting iced again, we turn to UFC 98 to bring back the excitement.

Will Rashad Evans continue on his knockout spree or will Lyoto Machida be enough to stop him in his tracks. Then, there’s out of control grudge match between Matt Hughes and Matt Serra. This should be a great fight because these guys hate each other!

The rest of the cards includes some great match ups, so we have a lot to look forward to.

Here are my predictions on the fights. Leave a comment and let me know what you think or any predictions you have.

Main card
Rashad Evans(18-0-1) vs Lyoto Machida(14-0-0)

I can’t wait to see this fight. Rashad has run through the light heavy weights with devastating knock outs! However, I’m not a huge Rashad fan going back to the days of the TUF show. If Rasdad wins this fight, then I will definitely be a Rashad fan from now on. Lyoto has also tore though the light heavy weights win so incredible wins, but he’s also the least hit fighter in the UFC. He has some of the craziest trips and throws i have ever seen, but no one has ever tested his chin. My pick Lyoto Machida.

RESULTS Round One: And here we go fight fans. Rashad keeping his distance from Machdia. A minute in and nothing happening. Machida lands a nice straight kick on Rashad. They feel each other out in the center of the cage. Machida drop Rashad with punch and they go to the ground for a little bit. They get up and the round ends. Machida wins the round.

Round Two:  In the center of the ring they stand. Rashad lands on Mashida but they back off and circle. Machida lands and upper cut on Rashad and rocks him. Machida moves in and land a hard right hand and drops Rashard. Rashad gets knocked the fuck out.

Matt Hughes(43-7-0) vs Matt Serra(16-5-0

Hughes is bad ass but i wounder if the old man time has caught up with him. His last fight he didn’t look so good. However, Hughes said he had one more fight in him and he would love a match up with Matt Serra. I lost a lot of respect for Hughes when he was on the TUF show and gained a lot for Serra. If this fight goes to the ground it could be something special, but I hope Serra knocks Hughes out. My pick Matt Serra.

RESULTS Round One: They move to the center of the cage and Serra land some bombs and rocks Hughes. Serra tries to end it landing some huge bombs but Hughes recovers. They stand and trade strikes in the center of the cages. Huges take down Serra and Hughes takes Serras back trying to land a rear naked choke. Serra does a great job and escapes and they are back to there feet. Serra wins the round

Round two: At the center of the cage they trade strikes. Hughes takes Serra down and  Hughes trying to start some ground and pound. Serra not taking much damage on the ground. Serra to guard and to half gurad, Hughes still on top. Serra losing the round. I will have to give the round to Hughes.

Round three:  They move slowly to the center of the cage. Feeling each other out and  Hughes land a big right and set up a nice take down. Serra trying a choke or a shoulder lock and Hughes pulls guard. They stand them up. Serra landing some punches. Serra takes Hughes down. Serra drops a Hugh bomb on Hughes. The round is over.

And the winner is Matt Hughes.

Drew McFredirs(7-5-0) vs   Xaiver Foupa-Pokam (20-10-0)

RESULTS Round One: Drew lands an huge punch and drops Xavier. Drew is right on him and lands hard punches to his head and it”s all over. Only 37 seconds into the first round

Chael Sonnen vs Dan Miller(13-1-1)

This is a hard fight for me to pick. I like both fighters, but my pick is Dan Miller.

RESULTS: Round One. Dan lands some nice shots and Chael has a nice take down.  Dan goes for a choke. Chael works his way out. Chael on top dropping bombs. Chael in side control and raining elbows. Chael working his ground and pound. Dan Miller is eating punches from Chael. Dan Millier lost this round and took some hard punches and elbows.

Round Two: They scramble for position and end up on the ground with Chael on  top. Working his ground and pound on Dan. Chael working hard and landing punches and elbows. Dan almost lands a armbar on Chael,  but Dan has to release it. The end of the round and Chael wins the second round.

Round Three: Dan seems to be very tired as they engage. Chael takes down Dan and into a rubber guard. Chael just punishing Dan on the ground. Dan Miller is just overwhelmed with Chael. Chael win the fight in decision.

Sean Sherk(37-3-1) vs Frank Edgar(9-1-0)

This will be the fight of the night. Both of these guy love to stand in the center and trade punches. They both have a lot of  heart and have had some awesome battles in the cages, My pick is Sean Sherk.

RESULTS: And here we go! Round one: Sean Sherk vs Frank Edgar. They move to the center of the ring and feel each other out. They stand in the center of the ring, trade punches and leg kicks. Edgar lands a nice combo body to the head. Edgar with a nice take down on Sherk, they stay on the ground for a while and then back to there feet. Sherk land a great leg kick and some punches. The end of round one.

Round two: Sherk come out throwing some big shots. Edgar nose shows a little blood from some nice shot from Sherk. Edgar with a nice knee to the body to take down Sherk. They stand and trade in the center of the cage,both men landing some nice shots. Not a lot of action the last two minute of the round. I will give the round to Edgar.

Round three: Edgar landing from the outside Sherk is getting picked apart by Edgar. Sherk with a nice take down and then back to the feet. Edgar getting the best of Sherk. Sherk is having a hard time chasing down Edgar. Edgar lands a Hugh kick to the body. Sherk is being out classed by Edgar and Sherk is losing the fight.

And the winner is Frankie Edgar!

Preliminary card

Brock Larson(26-2-0) vs Chris Wilson(13-5-1)

Welcome back Brock Larson. This should be another nail bitter. Brock has been out a while and i wonder about his cardio. I think if he’s in shape and ready to fight he will win this fight. My pick is Brock Larson.

Pat Berry(4-0-0) vs Tim Hague(9-1-0)

My pick Tim Hague.

Phillipe Nover(6-1-1) vs Kyle Bredly(13-6-1)

My pick Phillipe Nover.

Houston Alexander(8-4-1) vs Angre Gusmao(5-1-0)

Someone is going to get knocked out in this fight! I hope we get to see it on the PPV event. Houston is an animal in the ring. My pick is Houston Alexander.

Yoshiyuki Yoshida(10-3-0) vs Brandon Wolff(7-3-0)

My pick Yoshiyuki Yoshida.

Dave Kaplan(3-2-0) vs George Roop(8-5-0)

Again I hope we get to see this fight. My pick is George Roop.

Krzysztof Soszynski Vs. Andre Gusmao

RESULTS: Winner Krzystof Sozynski wins with a KO in the first round.

These are my predictions on the fights. If you think I’m crazy or wrong please leave a comment and let me know! You can also check out Extreme John and read his predictions. I am so looking forward to watching this fight card and after the last one i really need it. Later fight fans.


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  1. Brendan Crawford

    Man what a night of fights ey… some upsets and some surprises but in the end, definitely a great fight card… cant wait for ufc 100 now! Not only is it going to light off fire works, it is going to blow up the world with one hell of a fighting fuze! Keep doing what you do James!

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