UFC 98 Fighter Salaries

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MMA UFC Martial ArtsThe Nevada State Athletic Commission has released salary information for UFC 98. The live gate took in approximately 3.4 million and $957,000 was the total payout.

Individual payouts;

Lyoto Machida- $200,000  + knock out of the night $60,000

Rashad Evans -$200,000

Matt Hughes-$260,000 + fight of the night $60,000

Matt Serra -$135,000+ fight of the night $60,000

Drew McFredries -$34,000


Chael Sonnen-$50,000

Dan Miller-$15,000

Phillipe Nover -$10,000

Krzystof Soszynski-$16,000

Andrew Gusmao-$5,000

Yoshiyuki Yoshida-$16,000

Brandon Wolf -$3,000

George Roop-$16,000

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  1. sangalicious

    Wow, the money they make from these fights are horrible. Hopefully oneday MMA will be the respected and be the real american past time.

    1. MMA Punk

      Sangalicious. MMA is still young and growing. You have to keep in mind that this is what they have do disclose to the public. What a fighter really makes is unknown. They do not have to disclose what the have in there contracts.

  2. The Constant Complainer

    MMA Punk, I like your site. I heard about it from Extreme John. It was interesting seeing the fighers’ salaries. I had no idea that the Athletic Commission released those. I’m looking forward to UFC 100.

    1. MMA Punk

      The Constant Complainer. Thanks for the comment. The Fighter have to release There Fight salaries but this does not include all the money they make for the fight. What they make form sponcers or points on the PPV buys they do not have to report. We may never know what a fighter really make for one single fight. Extreme John is a great guy and a great friend. I’ll tell him you stoped by.

  3. taxi

    dude that isnt money in the bank at all….u got to pay for ur dietary needs…..u still have to pay for training…and if ur u UFC fighter that isnt that much money at all

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