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Ok fight fans here we go! The punk is back, so lets get things started with some UFC 127 fight predictions. The  UFC invades the land down under on February 27, 2011 at Acer Arena in Sydney, Australia and brings with them a huge fight card for the fans. This fight card is packed with potential nonstop action and some highlight reel knockouts in the making.

Chris Camozzi vs Kyle Noke will get things started on the main card with Carlos Condit vs Chris Lytle turning up the heat. Chris will be looking to shut down Carlos’ run for a shot at the title. George Sotiropoulos vs Dennis Silver will fuel the fire with Siver looking to shut down Stiropoulos’ 8 fight win streak. Then, to put a little spice into the mix, the co-main event with Jorge Rivera, who will be looking to take down the British Sensation Michael Bisping, and add another win to his record. I’m sure the Count will have much to say about that, but he always does. Then, if you can’t take anymore, the Main event with Jon Fitch vs BJ Penn will be something you will not want to miss. BJ just destroyed Matt Hughes at UFC 123 and will be looking to add another win to his record. First he will have to shutdown Jon Fitch, which will not be an easy task. Fitch is looking to stop BJ so he can get back to his run at the title. If your not excited about this fight card then you should be. Ok fight fans lets take a closer look at the fight and how they match up. We have a lot to do so lets get to it.

Main Bouts:

-Jon Fitch (23-3-0)vs. B.J. “The Prodigy”Penn (16-7-1)

Jon Fitch (33) fights out of American top team Fort Wayne, Indiana. He has 23 wins by way of 5 (t)ko, 5 submissions, 13 decisions.  losses, 1 (t)ko, 1 submission and 1 decision. Jon Fitch was on a 16 fight win streak until he was beaten by GSP at UFC 87. Since then he has not been beaten and is on a five fight win streak all by unanimous decision.

Bj Penn(33) fights out BJ Penn’s MMA in Hilo Hawaii. He has 16 wins by way of 7 (t)ko, 6 submissions and 3 decisions,losses 2 (t)ko and 5 decisions. As you know if you have ever been on MMApunk you know there is no love loss between me and BJ penn. He always makes it on my list of  most hated MMA fighters. BJ lost his title to Frankie Edgar at UFC 112 and  he also lost the rematch at UFC 118. BJ’s last fight was against Matt Hughes; and BJ made short work of the former champ by an impressive knockout in 21 seconds in the first round.

The Fight:This could turn into a war down under. Bj did look good in his last fight with Hughes, but I do not think he can handle stepping in the Octagon with Fitch. Penn had better come in shape and be ready to go and go hard for all three rounds. There is no doubt Fitch will be ready for a war all three rounds. I do not care for Penn but I do respect the fact that he can fight. Fitch will have to out work Penn standing using his reach to his advantage. Fitch can not let Penn gain the advantage on the ground. If Fitch can gain control early I believe he can mantain it through the whole fight.

My prediction: Jon Fitch

-Michael”The Count” Bisping (20-3-0) vs. Jorge “El Conquistador”Rivera (19-7)

Michael Bisping (33) fights out of the Wolfslair Liverpool, England. He has 20 wins 12 by way of (t)ko , 4  submissions, 4 decisions, losses, 1 (t)ko, 2 decisions.The Count was on his way to the title untill Dan Henderson shut him down at UFC 100 with a amazing knock out. The Count is on a 2 fight win streak, his last fight was with Yoshihio Akiyama and won by decision.The Count is looking to climb the latter back to the top and a shot at the title.

Jorge Rivera (38) fights out of Peter Welch’s gym/Tim Burrill Jiu Jitsu Miflord, Massachusetts. He has 19 wins by way of 13 (t)ko 2 submissions.4 decisons, losses 4(t)ko, 3submissions. Jorge is on a 3 fight win streak with very impressive TKO wins over Rob Kimmons and Nate Quarry Just like Bisping, Jorge is looking to improve his record and a shot at the title.

The Fight:This should be another great war in the Octagon with both fighters looking to improve their record. I will give  the advantage in the stand up game to Bisping. The only reason I give Bisping the advantage in the stand-up game is because I know the Wolfslair boys are working hard on the Counts striking. I’m not saying Jorge can’t stand and bang with Bisping because he has those kinda tools in the tool box. Jorge can’t let The Count get off first and use his reach and speed to his advantage and keep the Count guessing. If Jorge can bring some awesome take down defense he should have a chance of taking it to the Count. This is a hard one to call  but I’m going with my gut.

MY prediction: Micheal Bisping

-George Sotiropoulos (14-2-0) vs. Dennis Siver (17-7-0)

George Sotiropoulos(34)fights out of Fisticuffs Gym Geelong Victoria,Australia he has 14 win by way  of 1 (t)ko,8 submission, 5 decisions. losses 1 decision and I other? George is on a 8 fight win streak and his last fight was against Joe lauzon where he snuck in an amazing kimura for a submission win in the 2nd round.

Dennis Siver(32)fights out of Kiboju Mannheim Germany. He has 17 win 5 by way of (t)ko 9 submission,3 decision losses 1 (t)ko, 4 submission, 2 decision. He is on a two fight win streak with huge victories over Spencer Fisher and nasty rear naked choke submission win over Andre winner in the first round at UFC 122.

The Fight: I would expect a lot of the action in this fight to take place on the ground. I will give the the advantage in the stand up to Dennis. He has some heavy hands  and is not scared to throw down in the center of the Octagon. He will have to stuff George takedowns attempts and keep the fight standing. I just do not see George going toe to toe with Dennis. George needs to wear down Dennis and get the figh to the gorund. Then George can use his submission skill to bring the fight to the end.

My Prediction:George Sotiropoulos

Carlos”Natural Born Killer” Condit (26-5-0)vs. Chris”Lights Out” Lytle (30-17-5)

Carlos”Natural Born Killer” Condit(27) fights out of  Jackson’s Mixed Matrial Arts Albuquerque, New Mexico. He has 26 wins 12 by way of (t)ko,13 submissions,1 decision, losses 3 submissions,1 decision. Carlos was on a 8 fight win streak until Martin Kampmann put a stop to that. Since then Carlos has got back to his winning way with 3 straight wins. His last fight was against notorious striker Dan Hardy where he drop Hardy in the first round with a brutel over hand right at UFC 120.

Chris “Lights Out”Lytle(37) fights out of Integrated Fighting Academy Indianapolis, Indiana. He has 30 wins 3 by way of (t)ko,21 submissions,6 decisions,losses 2(t)ko,15 decisions.Chris is on a 4 fight win streak, his last fight was against Matt Serra where he won by unanimous decision at UFC 119.

The Fight:Fight of the night in the making right here, youth vs experience. These two fighter both throw very heavy hands and can get it down on the ground. This fight  could go all three rounds or it could be over in the first 2 minutes of the first round. Chris is a great fighter with a ton of experience. He has fought some of the best in the business but with that experance comes the question of his age being a factor. Carlos has the advantage of youth on his side not to mention the fact that he has been trained by Greg Jackson. I would really like to pick Lytle here but I’m going with Carlos for the win.

(UPDATE): Carlos had to withdraw from the fight due to a knee injury. It is unknow at this time if there will be a replacement or if the fight will be dropped form ther card.

My Prediction:Carlos”Natural Born Killer” Condit

-Chris Camozzi (14-3-0) vs. Kyle”KO” Noke (18-4-1)

Chris Camozzi(25) fights out of  Gumm Mixed Martial Arts Lakewood, Colorado. He has  14 wins 4 by way of (t)ko, 5 submissions,5 decisions, losses 2 submissions, 1 decision. Chris is on a 4 fight win streak,his last fight was against Dongi Yang where he won by split decision at UFC 121.

Kyle”KO”Noke(31) fights out of Integrated MMA Dubbo, New South Wales,Australia. he has 18 wins by ways of 6 (t)ko,7 submissions,5 decision losses1(t)ko,1 submission,2 decisions.Kyle is on a 4 fight win streak and his last fight was against Rob Kimmons where he won by awesome  rear naked choke submission in the second round at UFC 122.

The Fight: Once again a great match up with both fighters strong in the stand up and ground game. I can’t wait to see where this fight goes.

My prediction: Chris Camozzi

Preliminary Bouts:

-Ross Pearson (11-4-0) vs. Spencer Fisher (24-6-0)
My prediction:Spencer Fisher
-James Te Huna (12-4-0) and  Alexander Gustafsson (10-1-0)
 My prediction: Alexander Gustafsson
-Riki Fukuda (17-4-0) vs. Nick Ring (10-0-0)
 My prediction: Nick Ring
-Mark Hunt (5-7-0) vs. Chris Tuchscherer (21-3-0)
My prediction:Chris Tuchscherer
-Maciej Jewtuszko (8-0-0) vs. Curt Warburton (6-2-0)
My prediction: Maciej Jewtuszko
-Tom Blackledge (10-6-0) vs. Anthony Perosh (10-6-0)
My prediction:Anthony Perosh
-Tiequan Zhang (12-1-0) vs. Jason Reinhardt (20-1-0)

My prediction:Jason Reinhardt

Ok fight fans now its your turn! Leave a comment and tell me who you think is going to win.

If your planning to place some money down on the fights. Remember I am only a fan, I am NOT a professional. My picks are based on who I think might win or who I would like to see win.

Look for more updates from MMApunk and returning soon The UFC $100 fight prediction contest.

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    ha ha, nice, good to see this site rockin again…. I enjoy the predictions here and mmapunk commenters.. just wanna start by saying.. hahahahaha FEDOR !!!

    I like:
    Fitch UD
    Bisping by a TKO with knees and punches
    Siver by TKO as I think Sotiropolous is do for a loss
    Noke by home field advantage
    Pearson by Split dec. just cause I enjoy watching his fights…

    See ya’ll in Toronto!!!! GSP!! yahoo!! lol

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