UFC 103 Fight Prediction Contest

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This contest is simple! The person with the best UFC 103 picks wins a $50 Gift Card.

Pick a fighter, the round and how the fight will end (submission, KO, TKO or decision).

You will get three points per fight and a total of 15 for all five fights.

One point for choosing the correct fighter, one for the round and one for how the fight ends.

(Update: Mike Swick is out of UFC 103 and being replaced by Paul Daley. This fight will not count in the contest, instead of 15 points there will only be 12)

Rich Franklin vs Vitor Belfort

Mirko Cro Cop vs  Junior Dos Santos


Josh Koscheck vs Frank Trigg

Tyson Griffin vs  Hermes Franca

Example: Your pick Rich Franklin, 2rd ,TKO

The results: Vitor belfort,1rd, TKO you would get  one point for picking the TKO.

Leave your picks in the comment area below to enter. Good luck! Have fun and most of all enjoy the fights.

To view my predictions click here

Comments 31

  1. sangalicious1

    Belfort = 1st rd = KO
    Cro Cop = 2nd rd = KO
    Swick decision
    Koscheck = 2n rd = submission
    Franca decision

    thankyou for having contest again

  2. Brian Donnell

    Belfort 1st round sub.
    CroCop 2nd round asswhooping KO.
    Kos 2nd round beatdown then KO.
    Swick 2nd round sub, arm breaker.
    Franca 2nd round sub.

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