Top 10 most hated MMA Fighters

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It wasn’t easy putting this list together, there’s a lot of good fighters that you have to love, but there’s definitely some fighters that deserve to be hated.

BJ Penn tops my list because he is the biggest crybaby in MMA. I started t dislike him back when he was a coach on TUF show. After grease gate, I totally can’t stand him.

Rashad runs his mouth to much.

Fedor has just pissed me off by not standing up and taking on real competition.

I have  disliked Kos since TUF show.

Tim Sylvia…need I say more.

Again, I liked Huges until he did TUF show and he was a jackass.

I have disliked Ken since UFC 3.

King Mo is just a loud mouth that needs his face bashed in.

If  Tito would shut his mouth when he has a thought, I would probably like but he can shut up.

Jason Guida, remember him from TUF show, when he could not  make weight and was kicked off the show.

Please leave a comment and tell me your 10 most hated MMA fighter.

Top 10 most hated fighter

1 BJ Penn

2 Rashad Evens

3 Fedor “UFC Ducker” Emelanenko

4 Josh Koscheck

5 Tim Sylvia

6 Matt Hughes

7 Ken Shamrock ( sorry EJ)

8″ King Mo” Lawal

9 Tito Ortiz

10 Jason Guida

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  1. sangalicious1

    1. Brock Lesner- reminds me of Mike Tyson
    2. Tim Silvia – Sorry excuse for an MMA fighter , gayest leg kicks,
    4. Nate Diaz – sounds like Tweety
    5. Nick Diaz – because he’s related to Nate
    6. Chris Leben – pathetically hopeless , except for a few highlight knockouts
    7. Matt Serra – he’s a typically jackass with a loud mouth from up Jersey
    8. Joe Daddy Stevenson – I can’t stand watchin any of his fights
    9. Anderson Silva – That fight between him and Thales Leites just pissed me off more than any fight ever ever ever!
    10.Tito – I’m having wonderful flashbacks when Chuck and Machida rocked his world!

  2. Jessica Neves

    1 Brock Lesnar – conceited and doesnt deserve to be ufc’s heavyweight many people go through so much to get a title shot and he was given a shot not earned…
    2 Frank mir – big mouth and dont like his last interview about minotauro
    3 rampage – although he is funny, he is sometimes disrespectful and downtalks people like wandy and machida..
    4 forrest griffin – i really used to love him but his dry sarcastic humor is starting to become ignorance.. no good
    5 cung le – he has called out anderson even though he hasnt fought in such a long time
    cant really think of any more..

  3. sean@stair lifts

    Ken Shamrock FLASHBACK: Remember UFC 1? It was Shamrock v. Gracie in the semifinals (I believe) when Gracie earned a submission fair and square. He goes to release the hold. Shamrock then realizes that the ref didn’t catch the submission and goes back into fight mode. Gracie is livid. The fight was stopped a few seconds later after Ken realizes that he can’t hide from it – he tapped. That was when Shamrock lost my respect.

  4. Mr. MMA

    Frist I want to thank you for saying that Fedor dosnt fight the tough guys. Ive been saying that for a while. He is an elite fighter fighting decent fighters. Of course he is going to beat them?? Anyways, These are my most hated fighters.

    1. Dan Hardy – He is annoying to look at
    2. Lyoto Machida – I hate that he is trying to bring gay Karate back
    3. Frank Trigg – This one is just too easy
    4. Fedor – He isnt THAT good, and is treated like god
    5. Dan Hardy – His thinks his mohawk is cool
    6. Matt Serra – He is an annoying midget
    7. Jose Aldo – For being so damn good and destroying Mike Brown
    8. Mike Brown – For beating Urijah Faber……twice
    9. Brock Lesnar – Because they NEED a super heavy weight division
    10. Dan Hardy – Because of his accent

  5. *Dangerous*Smash*

    I respect all ur opinions the dan hardy tlist is hilarious lol here’s mine.
    1.Rampage- because he lags, talks too much, and is ignorant.
    2. B.J penn- because he’s lazy and he cries too much.
    3. Lyoto Machida- for not fixing his teeth and get rid of the unibrow, running around looking like a deer when he fights, and not wanting to fight his “bro” silva.
    4. Anderson Silva- because he disrespects fighters after he beats them and he’s too flashy just fight bro we know you’re good no need to dance this isn’t ABDC, he’s scared to stay at 205 and wont fight his “bro” machida, also his voice is annoying.
    5. Tito Ortiz – because he talks trash and doesn’t really back it up.
    6. Thiago Silva- because he’s disrespectful after he wins. ( its ok to celebrate but dont point and put ur face infront of someone you knocked out)
    7. Randy couture- i love him but he needs to stop.
    8. Brock Lesnar- because he’s a big asshole with a ugly hair cut
    9. Nate Diaz- because he’s from Stockton and he thinks he so tough and he’s just annoying
    10. Matt Hughes – because he’s a asshole
    I dont mean to disrespect anyone if any of these are ur favorite fighters, they’re all great its just things they do make them annoying to me. it’s just my opinion.

  6. Rockcity

    10 – Matt Serra
    9 – Junie Browning
    8 – Steve Cantwell
    7 – CB Dollaway
    6 – Dan Hardy
    5 – Cheick Kongo
    4 – Sean Sherk
    3 – Frank Shamrock
    2 – Rashad Evans
    1 – Matt Hughes

  7. MMA Punk

    Good list. Everyone has there favorite fight and they have one they hate. Don’t worry about disrespecting anyone. I’m a huge Brock Lesnar fan but he is one of the most hated MMA fight.

  8. gentleman ghost

    1.brock lesner-meathead 2.rashad evans-u talk too much n u never shut up 3.matt hughes-pompus knowit all 4.josh koscheck-can u say prick? 5.tito ortiz-shut up n fight 6.roy nelson-not impressed 7.cole miller-remember him from tuf? 8.kendall grove-see #5 9.forrest griffin-used to like dude even all that self deprecation crap,now it’s getting old 10.corey hill-anutha mofo from tuf honorable mention-phil baroni-new york jackass

    1. Joe-jitsu

      10 Jamie Yager.. just someone you love to see get beat up /so much talent & no heart!
      9 Ken Shamrock… love his early days… but roids destroyed the brain….
      8 Kendall Grove… he’s a TITO wannabe / with less talent
      7 Tim Sylvia… he gives MMA a bad name… LAZY!
      6 Tank Abbot… lacks skill and too dumb to adapt
      5. Caly Guida.he dont know how to throw a pucnh/just a hard head on crack/ leg humper!
      4. Tito.dude married Jenna Jameson??hasnt been able to back up the hype for a long time.
      3. Brock Lesnar/ BIG, DUMB, STUPID /he’s a neanderthal /just fight…stop the WWE stuff!
      2. Matt Hughes…not brash like Brock just a jerk & everytime he gets hurt he has excuses!
      1. Bisping…one of the least talented on the list.. decent stand up.. but no ground game….arrogant & British!…everyone of his fights should end like the HENDO fight!

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  10. Matt

    I hate to say i hate some Mixed Martial Artists but lets be honest some of them need a good ass beating…like a bad ass beating here is my list.
    10.Shogun-He came to the UFC suppose to be the biggest “bad ass” Forrest beat him he had a horrible showing against coleman he KOs liddell and gets a title shot plus he isnt that good overrated
    9.Michael Bisping-Although over the last year i have not been so hard on him i still think someone needs to knock him back to earth hendo did for a little while but now he’s back to running his mouth
    8.Faber-simply overrated and retarded
    7.Kendall Grove-Fucking retarded idiot who needs to quit he sucks
    6.Nick Diaz-although not as bad as his brother he is still a peice of shit along with most of the thugs from the cesar gracie camp
    5.Koscheck-overrated and runs his mouth way to much i have a slight feeling that GSP is going to shut him up
    4.Tank Abbott- Never really liked him he was always to one dimentional
    3.Brock Lesnar-He has the biggest mouth and talks like he has down syndrome plus hes an asshole and is way to cocky but velasquez is going to do what carwin couldnt i hope and finish him and send him back to fake wrestling
    2.Nate Diaz-Cant fucking stand that guy he is just such a dickhead and shit talker and sounds like he is five and he fights like a retarded bear would
    1.Anderson Silva- although i did enjoy the beating chael sonnen put on him i would like to see sonnen do it again but this time twice as many licks and leave him like a bloody pulp or vitor get his hands on him and wreck his face

  11. MMA punkass

    Fat mma fans that don’t compete in any sport and instead, make lists about people they hate. . . is #1 on my list of things I hate.

  12. Farsh

    1. Nick Diaz – ARROGANT BASTARD
    3. Nick Diaz
    4. Nick Diaz
    5. Nick Diaz
    6. Nick Diaz
    7. Nick Diaz
    8. Nick Diaz
    9. Nick Diaz
    10. Did I mention Nick Diaz?

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