Top 10 Most Hated MMA Fighters Revisted

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It’s been a while since I did my list of top 10 most hated MMA fighters. Now it’s time to do a little upgrade on the list, some of the fighters have done a turn around, now I like or have found some respect for them. Weather you like them or hate them people are passionate about there fighters and have no problem telling you what they think if you don’t like the same fighters as they do. Well here is my updated list of top 10 most hated MMA fighters. Who’s on your list?

I used to hate Rashad Evans but after his apperance on the TUF show I gained a lot respect for him. He did a stand up job and gained a ton  of new fans. Rampage on the other hand lost a lot of fans and leaving the UFC to be a movie star really pissed off a lot of people. Rampage has lost his mind.

King Mo will most likely make the top of my list after his next fight because he’s so stupid that he can’t control his actions. What a waste of talent, he could go far but acting like a clown will not get you there.

The old list

1 BJ Penn

2 Rashad Evens

3 Fedor “UFC Ducker” Emelanenko

4 Josh Koscheck

5 Tim Sylvia

6 Matt Hughes

7 Ken Shamrock ( sorry EJ)

8″ King Mo” Lawal

9 Tito Ortiz

10 Jason Guida

The new list

1. BJ Penn

Penn is still the top of my list. The biggest cry baby in MMA and after greasrgate I can’t stand him. He is a bad ass, but I would love to fight him just so I could punch him in the mouth.

2.  King Mo Lawal

This guy has to be the biggest idiot in all of MMA. After his last  Strikeforce fight, he sprayed Rockstar energy drink all over  himself and the cage. He was fined for it and said he will do it again because he wants to have fun. Fighters work hard for there money and to give it away in fines because your an assjack that can’t control your self in public is ignorant. Another one I would love to step in the cage and take a swing at his big mouth. This is one guy I would love to see banned from the sport and made an example of. If he stops fighting, I’m sure he could get a job at Ringling Bros Circus, they always need a new clown act.

3. Fedor “UFC Ducker” Emelanenko

You can say what you want, but until Fedor enters the UFC and takes on some real competition he is ducking real fighters. Signing with Strikeforce, put Fedor on my list. I lost all respect for Fedor when I realized he is a dog on the end of M1 global’s leash. If he ever stops being the dog, I will take him off my list. Until then number three for you.

4. Josh Koscheck

I have hated Josh since the TUF show.  He is a arrogant ass and a another one I would love to fight, just so I could punch him in the mouth. Now saying that, make no mistake Josh would completely beat my ass, but one punch is all I ask.

5. Matt Hughes

I was a Huges fan until he was on the TUF show and showed his true colors. He is a cocky douche bag and needs to keep his mouth shut.

6. Rampage Jackson

Rampage came into the UFC and everyone loved him, even after beating Chuck Liddell. He was a horrible coach on the first TUF and even worse the second time. Him ducking Rashad Evens, so he wouldn’t get his ass beat in his home town and writing all the insane crap on his blog made me loss all respect for him.

7.Tito Ortiz

There is not a whole lot of good things to say about Tito. When he returned to the octagon he said he was 100% healthy and injury free until he got beat. Then the excuses started to flow, read my list of  Tito’s top 10 list  of excuses why he lost. Tito was a douche bag before he left the UFC and he is still a douche bag when he returned to the UFC.  Real manly of you to wait until Chuck is at the end of his career and calling him out him to fight. I could care less if Tito was in the UFC and I sure don’t want to see him fight Chuck again. Cast your vote in the MMA fight poll.

8. Tim Sylvia

The most boring, washed up fighter in MMA.

9. Ken Shamrock

What a train wreck his career became. I have hated Ken from as far back as UFC 1 when he fought Pat Smith. He ranks right up there with Rampage as being one of the worst coaches on the TUF show. He lost not once, but twice to Tito and still runs his mouth. Then we have the Kimbo Slice incident where his own brother suggested he might have cut his self on purpose because he found out how much Kimbo was getting paid and it pissed him off. After that he got caught using steroids and was sidelined for a year. Then because of all his dumb decisions, we the fans missed out on a great fight between him and his brother Frank Shamrock. Ken you suck!!!!!

10. War Machine

There could not be a bigger dumbass in MMA then this guy. He has thrown away any chance of making the big time because he can’t control his partying and close his mouth for 2 seconds. He was kicked out of the UFC because of his mouth. He has been arrested several times for fighting and smacking his girlfriend around. Now he’s in the porn business, Talk about a guy that has done every thing all wrong. I don’t think he will ever get his act together long enough to make it back to the big show.

Ok heres my list and now I want to see yours. I know some of you have arady made a list but maybe you would like to update your list like I did mine. Take a second and leave a comment and tell me who made it on your top 10 list most hated fighters.

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  1. Geoff "loco"motive Byers

    Wow when you say most hated you mean it. Love the passion, and I would love to see you punch penn in his face too. P.S. Hughes is a super Deushe BAG

  2. Keith "Bam Bam " Anderson

    good list I would almost completely agree koscheck would be a little lower on my list because i think he’s been a little less of an ass as of late and I do stress LITTLE…so here goes

    1 Cock..I mean Brock Lesner!!!( see “Broc Lener returns link for reason don’t wanna type it all out again.

    2 Tim Sylvia wash up has been who never really was

    3 Matt Hughes good fighter just a douchebag

    4 Frank Trigg he’s the kind of guy everyone knows …thinks he knows everything and is the best at anything. and any guy with the nickname twinkletoes I just can’t respect

    5 BJ the cry baby Penn nuff said

    6 Fedor been duckin Couture too long now

    7 Kenny Florian purposely try’s to cut his apponent to get a doc stoppage seems like a bitch move to me

    8 Ken Shamrock washed up and just not entertaining

    9 Josh Koscheck……douche

    10 The browning brothers Junnie and I can’t even care to rember his name both talk so much shit and both suck HARD!!!!!

    1. Bam!! Bam!!

      Just found out the IFC is coming to my home town (first mma event held here) main event Tim Silvia vs Wes Sims not the greatest fight but I guess it’s good enough

  3. MMA Punk

    You know I totaly forgot about the Browning brothers. They will have to be number 11 and 12. Junie really pissed away any chance with the UFC. He might be able to fight at the local fair for $50. If Kos would turn down is jackass-o-meter I might take his off my list but he just can help himself.

  4. Every Rose

    Yeah James id pay to see that punch to B.J. Penn in the face …. you know what id also like to see. Jamie Clossen kick him in the face like he did when he kicked you in the chest
    and you flew over the top of a Z28 camero hood…….you lifted up your shirt and there was a rebok stamped into your chest and you were like damn dude what did you do that for and he said cause he felt like it !! That was some funny shit bro !!

  5. discgolerj

    I am still too new to MMA to give any lists. But I enjoy reading everyone’s lists (those that have one) to get educated.

  6. MMA Punk

    Ya PK I remember,like it was yesterday. Everyone thought I got the bottom of a reebok tattooed on my chest. Thats was some funny shit like a year later at the time it suck ass…

  7. Geoff "loco"motive Byers

    Heres my top 10 most hated Fighters!!

    10. Frank “Twinkle Toes”!!! Trigg -lost to Hughes twice and has a big mouth!
    09. Chris “crippler” Leban -poor work ethic last guy with that nickname was Benoit (nuff said)
    08. Clay “the carpenter” Giuda -with his style he should be the “labourer” becaus hes doing nothing skilled.Tuff guy..sure, overated Ithink BIG TIME!!!
    07. Andre Arlovski -This guy just loses all the time…Cant like a guy with such a GLASS JAW.
    06. Ken & Frank -Bio or not your brothers!!!! STop it! Frank accused Ken of cutting himself before the Kimbo fight,cause Kimbo was getting big money. Even so Frank shut up RAT, hes your brother for god sake!!!
    05. Kimbo Slice- could be higher up but he landed here, this guy is a joke,maybe even a coward, that whole knee thing of tuff made me sick. That Houston fight was a joke! I cant wait til somebody KNOCKS HIM THE FUCK OUT!!!!! AAHHH WHAT A PUNK!!!!
    04. Fedor -what is there to say then how does he keep getting so Lucky! He KO’s guys with a school yard right , Chin down eyes closed and from 2oclock to 7 oclock he lets it fly..Rodgers almost exposed him and then out came the looping 2 to 7.
    03. Bisbing “the count”-what an asshole,I think hes got a complex.Hes been thrust into the U.K. leadership role to get more fans from the UK…and its safe to say mission accomplished,but I think he believes it, poor guy , loved seeing Hendo KO him..haha down for the”count”.
    02. Matt hughes – This guy is soooo arrogant and thinks hes gods gift to MMA when GSP made him look like a fool it was awesome!!!!! I respect his work ethic just not him,I wanted to puke everytime he was on the Camera for the season of tuff he coached. Serra almost did enough to win that last fight!!! I would have loved that.
    01.Quinton “Rampage” Jackson -what an asshole I hate the whole Dog thing hooooouuuuuullllllllllllllll. ahhhhhh that kills me. What a crappy coach too he made a fool of himself and “PRO FIGHTERS” hes a punk acts like one talks like one and carries himself like a circus clown. I hope Rashad puts him to sleep. Then he has a nervous breakdown crashes his fruity Rampage self portrate truck and gets his ass kicked by Hendo in Strike Force. Oh dreams!!!

    What do you think of this list. My buddy Bam will love it I’m sure!lol

    1. Keith "Bam Bam " Anderson

      Good list guida did’nt make my list cause I just enjoy watching him fight yeah he’s not a contender but you know if he’s fighting it’s gonna be entertaining

  8. SpenceDaddy

    1. B.J the baby back bitch penn for making up fantasies about GSP greased up and on top of him
    2. Roy Nelson just because kimbo cant move the moon
    3. amir sodollah just hate everything about him
    4. josh koscheck too cocky way too cocky
    5. brock lesnar all i got to say is show some skill… brock vs nelson who can lay on top of who
    6. houston alexander……if your scared.. go to church
    7. fedor i like his fights but hell always be on this list till he proves himself in UFC
    8. nate diaz you are NOT your brother.. get off it
    9. Bisping please just stay in england, henderson good job!
    10. this one isnt a fighter but … PK cuz of that pink hat lol

  9. MMA Punk

    SpenceDaddy Great list. I like the fact that you don’t buy in to the Fedor hype. I wanted to include Nelson and Bisping in my top 10 but they are in the my top 20. Lesner never made my list. What can I say I like big guy. I know he is not the fan favorite but you can like them all.

  10. MMA Punk

    Bam Bam I will always watch a Guida fight. You are right when you say he is entertaining. People love fighters that give it there all and make no excuses. He has the true heart if a warrior.

  11. SpenceDaddy

    thanks man, yeah i do hate lesnar but i can say one thing, ill never miss one of his fights thats for sure.. he just hasnt impressed me yet, i know hes big and he can obviously ground and pound but i want to see more skills, if he pulls off a good submission or a KO that ISN’T arguable, i would definitly take him off my list… and i know you cant say you weren’t pissed when he beat coutour with those sissy hammer punches can u ???

  12. Geoff "loco"motive Byers

    I didn’t!!!! Love the way he licks his gloves and slaps his own face after fights. He’s mad some excuses …..true….. but man when he fights people they look like they went through a woo chipper… Sherk,Florian and Sanchez looked like Dancers in the Thriller video…..they were f’d up.Love the Skill level of Baby J ….. Look we all love GSP but when he lost to Serra even he had some excuses!!!

  13. MMA Punk

    graham I’m not a fan of Mir, He does piss me off but I guess it’s not enough for me to put him on my list. At one time I was a huge Mir fan but he run that mouth way to much.

  14. Geoff "loco"motive Byers

    Frank Mir is too good. As long as you walk the walk then I say talk the talk, Sure lesnar got him in the rematch but he can say he beet Lesnar and he made Congo look foolish. I also would really like him to quit all the smack talk but it does add a little to the fight hype and sooner or later loud mouths always have to eat their words. If he loses some more fights then ya.. he’ll make my next list.. nothing worse than a big mouth that loses all the time.

  15. Geoff "loco"motive Byers

    Plus MIR’s one of my buddies (BAM!!) favorites so I can appreciate his skill, plus BAM!!! is pretty big , he could belly to belly suplex a horse so I’ll stay away from that one! But all suplex’s aside I too wish Mir would stop talking so much because hes good enough to let his skill do the talking.

  16. matt

    I’m a little late, but here goes:

    1: Anderson Silva and Brock Lesnar are both such humongous pieces of arrogant filth that I cannot decide who’s worse. (However, after the Carwin fight, my hate did lessen somewhat, but I’ll never be able to forget, his antics after beating Mir. Disgusting. Silva? I agre with EVERY SINGLE WORD CHAEL SONNEN SAID ABOUT HIM,regardless of Sonnens questionable behavior)

  17. johnny i

    1. anderson silva – I hated the way he taunted griffin and how he danced around the ring like a pansy against maia

    2. paulo filho – for his lame ass fight against sonnen

    3. nick diaz – because he’s nick diaz

    4. matt hughes – because he’s almost as big of a douche as nick diaz

    5. war machine – because his behavior has set mma back 5 years, grow up dude!

    6. brock lesnar – i just hate that guy, he is so full of himself yet he sucks, he’s just bigger than everyone else (ie the secret to tim sylvias success) however the 2nd round in the carwin fight has made me give him a second chance

    7. penn – i love bj but you’re all right he should stop crying and stop giving up half way through a fight, hands down one of the most amazing guys in mma, but if i wanted to pay to watch someone lay on their back for 15 minutes, i rather it be tito’s wife oooooooooooooh

    8. frank mir – another one that i am a fan of but must admit he is a douche, if you sewed his lips shut he’d be awesome ( but he’s still the best commentator i’ve ever heard )

    9. miguel torres – if you weigh 135 lbs you should drop the angry face, you might look tough when you’re fighting a bunch of ommpa loompas but you’re still a little bitch compared to everyone else

    10. tito ortiz – i hate any man who thinks so highly of himself yet is ok with the whole world seeing his wife nude and knowing that she’s bid banged by 500 other dudes, maybe he likes the after taste hmmmmmmmm

    1. joe rogan – why is he an mma commentator? when he stepped n the scene i was just as surprised by his immediate mma celebrity status as i was by wesley snipes being a martial artist, where the hell did that come from?

    2. mauro ranallo – saying, ” cung le is as famous as bruce lee ever was” has earned this moron a permanent place on my list

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