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Ok fight fans here we go. Rockstar Energy Drink presents Strikeforce Miami, live at Bank Atlantic Center Saturday, January 30, 2010 – 10:00 PM/ET (prelims start 7:30PM). Nick Diaz will take on Strikeforce newcomer and current DREAM champion Marius Zaromskis for the Strikeforce welterweight championship in the main event!

Strikeforce also welcome newcomers Herchel Walker ,Bobby Lashley and Melvin Manhoef to just to name a few. Strikeforce is trying hard to deepen there roster of fighters and this fight card shows it. This will be a hard fight card to predict because some of these guys I have never seen fight or even heard off, with that being said I will not get into great detail with my predictions.




Nick Diaz is on a five fight win streak and the last time he stepped in the cage he had an incredible fight against Scott Smith at Srikeforce Lawler vs Shields.

Marius Zaromskis is the current Dream champion and 4 out of his last 5 fights never made it out of the first round. For Nick Diaz, this will  be his toughest fight in his career.

Nick likes to stand and bang and just looking at Marius’s record, he also likes to stand and trade. This should turn out to be a great stand up fight. I will have to give Nick the advantage on the ground, but I am unsure how he will deal with Marius when he throw some big hands at him. I going with more experience on this one.

MY pick: Nick Daiz


Cyborg’s last fight was the destruction of Gina Carano at Strikeforce Cyborg vs Carano in August of last year. She is also on 8 fight win streak, only losing her first fight.

Coenen has more experience in the cage then Cyborg, but Coenen has 12 win by way of submission and Cyborg has never won by submission only by decision or TKO. I am wondering how Coenen will handle the power and aggression of Cyborg. Her strength seems to be on the ground not standing and throwing hands.

I believe Cyborg will overwhelm Coenen with her speed and power. I see a TKO stoppage in the second round.

My pick: Cristiane Cyborg Santoes


Lawler’s last fight was at Strikeforce Lawler vs Shields and he lost by a amazing guillotine choke by Jake Shields in the first round. Lawler has an impressive resume of fighter he has fought. He has a lot of experience in  the cage but he is fighting a different kinda fighter, he has never faced before.

Manhoef has had some great fights himself, I would expect him to come out and try to take Lawler’s head off. I have only seen a few of Manhoef fights, but I can tell you this, Manhoef is an animal and I don’t believe Lawler can stand with him and trade punches. This is going to be a great figtht and I expect someone will be going to sleep during this fight.

My pick:Melvin Manhoef


Walker has brought a lot of attention to our great sport and I appreciate that, but I would really like to see him get his head taken off. I know he a nice guy and all, but because your a football player and you have studied some type of martial arts doesn’t mean you can just step in the cage a be a MMA fighter at 47. I guess we will see if I am wrong and If I am I will give Walker full props for stepping into the cage.

Grag Nagy I have never heard of him and I have no ideal of what he can do in the cage. This to me is a coin toss for the winner.

My pick:Greg Nagy


Bobby Lashley is undefeated as a pro fighter and he is looking to keep his winning streak alive. Lashley is training at American Top Team, so you know he is getting quality training. I think Lashley will make a big impact on the heavy weight division in Strikeforce. He is big and powerful and with a little time to develop his game I believe he is going to be one of the greats. With a few more wins under his belt, I would look for him in the UFC and shaking up the heavyweight division. The UFC needs a couple more large heavyweight to compete with Mir, Carwin and Lesnar’s size.

Wes Sims was a disappointment on the TUF show. He did nothing to improve his career as a fighter, he just ran him mouth and acted like douche bag. He has won his last three fights all with first round stoppages. Make no mistake Sims can fight and he will test Lashley’s chin. The should turn out to be a great  heavy weight fight.

MyPick:Bobby Lashley


JAY HIERON(18-4-0) VS JOE RIGGS(32-10-0)

My pick: Jay Hieron


My pick:Marcos Damatta


My pick: David Zitnik


My pick John Kelly


My pick:David Gomez


My pick:Ryan Keenan

Please leave a comment and tell me who you think might win. I will be posting a Strikeforce review right after the fight some plan on coming  back and take a look.

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  1. Geoff "loco"motive Byers

    He’s ripped true, hows the cardio? Short explosive bursts or marathon like. I cant wait to see these fights. Weird card, I feel as though I should be more excited but some of these fights are all name sake, not sure what were going to get. Ufc’s cards havent really had the big names but at the same time they had some big fights. I’m up in the air I guess thats why I cant wait to see them.

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  3. Bam!! Bam!!

    Hershal walker really impressed me last night congrats to him on his first pro win,and to Robby Lawler with another “ruthless” ko.Nick Diaz displaying his excellent boxing skills yet again. He’s lucky Steve Mazagotti was’nt ref’n his fight when he went down I thought he was in trouble for a couple sec’s… Alll in all strikeforce put on an excellent night of fights all were very entertaining..

  4. Geoff "loco"motive Byers

    Wow Lawler just pulled of a win last night. Melvin was ripping him with shots, a couple times i thoght “this is it” and then…. BANG! what a KO!! Walker looked like a Vet. not a senior citizen, and well Lashley…Tuff to really see how good he is ……he dominated. And as much as I dont like Nick Diaz, and I wish he went out when he was rocked, I’ve got to give him respect…. Nice KO….Good thing hes in Strikeforce because he wouldn’t be close to being champ at Welter weight in the UFC…. oh ya I think Sanchez(Cyborg) is atleast half man.What a Samsquanch!!!!

  5. MMA Punk

    Bam Bam Herschel was impressive and I had to eat my words because I picked him to lose last night. I maned up and gave him mad props for beating the shit out Nagy. If I was nagy I would quit fight and find another profession because he sucks as a fighter.

  6. MMA Punk

    Geoff Manhoef was landind some of the most devastating leg kicks I have ever seen. I bet Lawler can even walk today. I was just like you I thought it was over a couple of time. If lawler hadn’t landed that punch I belive the fight would have been over in about 30 more seconds. Manhoef was just to much for Lawler to handle. Diaz’s punching accuracy was incredilbe. I was very impressed with his proformance. Can’t wait for his next fight. Cyborg and her penius beat the hell out of Coenen. I don’t know of any other female fighters out there that can handle Cyborgs power. She could be champ for a long time.

  7. SpenceDaddy

    between GSP and Nick diaz i cant choose whos my favorite fighter lol, i was impressed by diaz yet again..he loves to fight and thats the bottom line, seein him go down i was a little nervous but i knew hes got it in him to get back up and bang till someone makes him stop, impressive win..last nights fights were all pretty good, i was glad to see walker win, he definitly didn’t look like a rookie last night buuuuuuut i hate it when people are fed wins, they obviously knew walker would walk out of that ring with a win… how many of the greats were fed wins ? i cant even think of one of them… nothing against walker tho hes the man, i’m just sayin … cyborg is also the man and i think im finally comfortable sayin that a girl really could be me up, well whatever she is lol, and robbie mother truckin lawler, hats off to ya, that fight was a perfect example that if your fighting a trained well rounded mma fighter, even making the slightest mistake will make it nappy jammy time
    R.I.P MANHOEF haha

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