Strikeforce Fedor vs Rogers Promotion Weak at Best

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It’s only a few short days until we get to see Fedor step into the Strikeforce cage for the first time, as a matter of fact it will be Fedor’s first professional mixed martial arts fight in a cage or octagon. In the event that your a new mma fan or maybe even one of those new UFC fans that really has no clue who Fedor Emelianeko is, I can take all day and write a post about Fedor and a few of the reasons he has such a large fan base in mixed martial arts world, but I won’t.

Fedor Emelianeko is an undefeated heavyweight fighter that has built a tremendous fan base due to some of his epic battles in various mma events over the years, not to mention the guy really has incredible fighting skills.

saturday-night-fightsSaturday Night Fights on CBS

Now with that being said and before I continue it’s probably important to mention that I am not one of the Fedor Emelianeko fans or one of those guys that has shared any positive opinions about Fedor in recent times, hell I even wanted Josh Barnett to KO Fedor and in my Strikeforce Fedor vs Rogers predictions I even went as far as to pick Brett Rogers to win the fight. It’s safe to say that the very loyal Fedor fans of the world are less than happy with me and my opinion about Fedor and how his managers have handled certain situations over the past year, when I blame his managers I blame him too.

O.k, now that we have all of the disclaimer crap out of the way let’s get to the topic at hand.

There is no question that Fedor has a tremendous fan base and there is also no question that free mma fights on a major network like CBS are going to have huge ratings overall, however my question today is in regards to the promotion for the event itself. Strikeforce, Showtime and CBS sports have had plenty of time to promote the shit out of this fight and honestly I think the promotion has been weak at best and if my opinion isn’t enough for you to agree we can always factor in that the event itself is still not sold out.

[youtube][/youtube] Fedor Saturday Night Fights video

As busy as I am I typically have some form of TV or news on in the background just about everywhere I go and my perception of the advertising for this event is that the promotion is not only weak with spotted commercials here and there, but I also feel that Strikeforce might be putting itself in a little bit of danger as well. It wasn’t too long ago that we witnessed Affliction/Strikeforce/CBS  (the t-shirt guys) come crashing back to earth after Kimbo Slice was knocked out by Seth Petruzelli on CBS Saturday Night Fights, they marketed Kimbo Slice in the very same fashion that Strikeforce is currently marketing this coming Saturday’s fights.

Affliction ended up going down after they couldn’t put on a promised fight card that featured Josh Barnett vs Fedor (Josh Barnett Out of Affliction Trilogy), this was of course due to Barnett testing positive for steroids (again) which landed him with a nice one year suspension (thanks Josh).

Some of you are probably wondering how this all comes together and for the sake of saving time I will tell you, let’s be silly for a second and assume that Brett Rogers KO’s Fedor in the first 30 seconds of the fight. Strikeforce has barely shown Brett Rogers face in any of the promotion for this Saturday’s fight, meanwhile he is taking on the mma fighter that has been touted as the best heavyweight in the world. If Rogers knocks Fedor out the result can be even more damaging than only selling 85% of the tickets for the event itself, think about it for a moment. The best heavyweight fighter in all of mixed martial arts knocked out by a fighter that barely has an identity? It sounds crazy and as much as the Fedor fans would like to tell me to go screw myself anything is possible in MMA.

Before everyone gets all heated I will point out the obvious and a few good points for the Fedor fans and Strikeforce folks, Fedor is certainly no Kimbo Slice and his KO alone wouldn’t bring down Strikeforce in the same way it brought down Affliction when Petruzelli stepped in to KO Slice on an hours notice.

Now that I shared my one sided opinion on the promotion of this coming Saturday’s Strikeforce event on CBS I would like to see what your views on the promotion of this fight are, do you feel that Strikeforce, CBS Sports, and M-1 Global are doing a good job marketing this fight? Leave a comment and let me know what you thing, and don’t worry this isn’t one of those fluffy ass mma blogs where you can’t say what’s on your mind, your more than welcome to tell me how much of an ass you think I am and I will be more than O.k with it.

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