Pictures of Charles “Mask” Lewis Accident

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We have found pictures of Charles “Mask” Lewis’ accident scene. His Ferrari lost control, hit a pole and literally split into two pieces which ended up about thirty feet apart. Once again, we send our condolences out to the Lewis family along with all of his friends and fans. You will be missed!

Front of Mask's Ferrari

Rear of Mask's Ferrari

Mask's Ferrari Accident

Scattered belongings

RIP Charles “Mask” Lewis

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  1. Wessley Perisa

    A true loss.

    Charles Lewis was unique, passionate, entertaining, charismatic and driven.

    It’s not only a loss to the MMA world, it’s a loss to planet earth!

    R.I.P. Charles

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      MMA Punk

      Wessley Perisa. Your statment is very true. Charles was unique and he will be missed. I was at the WEC fight in hollywood FL. He was at the after party but I some how missed meeting the tapout crew. Everyone else got to meet them. Let me tell I was very upset..

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  2. jay kurz

    Mask seemed like an awsome dude that genuinly loved and cared about people. I wish i could of had the chance to meet him. rip Mask

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    MMA Punk

    Jay I feel the same way. I was at a WEC event in Hollywood FL. We were at the after party and the whole Tapout crew was there.Two of the girls we were with got pic taken with them. I never even knew they were there untill the next day when we were looking at the pics.

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