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By:  loco”motive” Apr. 3rd/2010

Could UFC 112 be known as anything else but INVINCIBLE?  The namesake for 112 is very interesting considering both Anderson Silva and BJ Penn will making yet another title defense, but how does Matt Hughes fit it to the picture?

Anderson “The Spider” Silva (25-4) will be back in the Octagon defending the Middleweight title Sat. Night versus Damian Maia (12-1).  Silva who is undefeated in the UFC will be making his 6th title defense and so far has looked comfortable in them all.  If Maia can’t impose his will and out wrestle/grapple Anderson during this fight it will be hard for him to back up his bold words. (“If I get his arm or his neck, he’s going to be in trouble.  As soon as I get the chance, I WILL put him down”).  The Brazilian jiu-jitsu champion can ill afford to only rely on the possibility of a submission as he will surely be behind on the score cards in the striking department.  Maia will have to do enough to win rounds as well as look for the Submission, if he’s up to the task of taking the championship from The Spider.  If Anderson can defeat the BJJ ace Maia on the ground he will surely be  considered “INVINCIBLE” in the Middle Weight division.

On the same card another dominant force BJ “The Prodigy” Penn (15-5-1) will be defending his title against Frankie “The Answer” Edgar (11-1).  Penn who has the most Lightweight title fights 6, the most Lightweight title fight wins 4, and the most Lightweight title defenses 3 will be looking to build on all of those UFC records Sat. night.  Edgar will have a huge mountain to climb trying to de-throne Penn.  Frankie is currently on a 3 fight win streak after his Unanimous decision loss to Gray Maynard.  Edgar looked good in his last fight a submission victory over Matt Veach in December 09.  Will Edgar have “THE ANSWER” Sat. night and be able to end the dominant run of BJ Penn at Lightweight?  NO WAY!!!  Edgar will get his free ride through the wood-chipper at UFC 112 and The Prodigy just like The Spider will remain “INVINCIBLE” in the Lightweight division.

Last and probably the least of the 3 big fights at 112 it’s Matt Hughes (44-7) taking on Renzo Gracie (13-6-1) 1 N.C..  A much anticipated fight at UFC 60 pitted Hughes against Royce Gracie.  At one point in history the Gracie family seemed “INVINCIBLE” but at  UFC 60 they were anything but as Matt Hughes defeated the legendary Roce Gracie in the very first round via TKO.  This time around at 112 Renzo will try to avenge that loss and defeat Hughes proving that Gracie family jiu-jitsu can reign supreme once again.  Although I feel Renzo will put up a decent fight at 112 Matt Hughes will prove “INVINCIBLE” when it comes to the Gracie family after a 1st round TKO of Renzo as well.

So, Silva, Penn and Hughes “INVINCIBLE at 112” ? I say yes… you???

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