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It’s not very often that you see non-mma related information here on MMA Punk, but today marks a special occasion that we wanted to mark with a big time celebration.

Somewhere out in web world there is something called Google Page Rank which is a rating system used by the search engine giant you might have heard of once or twice, Google. Basically the Google PR scale rates a website based on a numeric value between 1 and 10, ten is the best possible Google PR. Website owners and operators like us can use Google Page Rank checker tools to track our Page Rank, it’s a great way to see if anyone will ever actually come here from search engines.

No one really knows when Google will have a Page Rank update and when a PR update occurs the blog world instantly begins to buzz, everyone wants to know if their Page Rank has increased or in a terrible scenario decreased. Google recently had their first Page Rank update in almost three months and we have great news, MMA Punk is a Google Page Rank 2. Pretty exciting huh? Hopefully not more exciting than Strikeforce Fedor vs Rogers will be this Saturday night.

There are plenty of mma blogs out there that have higher Google Page Ranks than MMA Punk does and thats just fine with us, MMA Punk has gone from a PR0 to a PR2 in less than six months. Hopefully you will continue to come back on a daily basis and see what we have going on here, especially now that we are superstars…. in our own mind.

Have a great day and don’t forget you can follow us on Twitter @mmapunk or subscribe to our RSS feed so you get the latest MMA news without all the pretty fluff. Leave a comment with your well wishes and support for more success as we continue to drag this heap to the top of the MMA blog mountain. Funny huh?

P.s. Check back later we will get back to the mma news your use to seeing on here and we will try to keep the interruptions to a minimum.

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