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When I first read that Dana White was going to be on ESPN’s E:60, I wasn’t that excited. I knew it was going to be about the controversy surrounding his video blog an the rant about Loretta Hunt. My thought was that ESPN was going to try to nail Dana to the cross and start throwing stones at him.

After I saw the video, I knew the press was going to turn on Dana. It’s funny how that works because it doesn’t matter how much good you do, the minute you step over the line you become the bad guy and the press makes a big deal about it. They’re just concerned getting more people read their stories and improving their television ratings because that means more money in their pockets. They don’t care about the story being right or wrong, they just want to make people sound bad so more people in or read about it.

I can’t even watch mainstream news anymore. After about an hour of it, I feel like I want to kill myself because I’m so depressed. All they talk about is how bad everything is, or at least make it seem like everything is horrible, just to improve their ratings.
I’ve been watching websites to see who will jump on the bandwagon and try bash Dana or try to put a negative spin on MMA news. I was sure that ESPN was going to be the leader of the bandwagon and I was surprised when they didn’t.

They did try to put a negative spin on it, by bringing Tito Ortiz and Pat Miletich to talk about Dana White and the UFC. It’s no secret that Dana, Tito and Pat aren’t friends and of course they’re going to speak negatively about Dana and the UFC.

During the interview, Tito said that Dana text him and said “one down, one to go,” referring to Elite XC going out of business. They tried to make Dana look even for saying that. Are you telling me that most businesses don’t want to crush their competitors? Blockbuster, Walmart and CVS have put more mom and pop shops out of business than UFC ever will, yet I don’t see anyone pointing their fingers at them. The owners of Elite XC drove that company right to the ground, they really didn’t need much help doing it.

The UFC is a business and Dana has taken it from nothing to making hundreds of millions of dollars. ESPN tried comparing Dana to other sports organization CEO’s and Dana said “I’m not one of those guys.”

Instead of trying to get Dana to act more like them, I think the other owners are looking at Dana and thinking maybe we should be more like him, speaking whatever is on their mind, and not being afraid to say something that’s not PC. That’s one thing that I think is wrong in this country is trying to please everyone. In a perfect world, that might happen, but we don’t live in a perfect world or even close.

I’ve read many articles that refer to the gay and lesbian community, as well as women’s groups being outraged by Dana’s comments. They never list which ones they contacted because I don’t think they actually talk to them. I think they just assume that they are outraged.

The gay and lesbian community has a lot more important things to worry about than some fight promoter saying fagot. It wasn’t directed towards the gay and lesbian community. Look the word up, it has many different meanings over the years. It’s a bad slang word, but everyone that watched video knows that Dana didn’t use the word to offend or directed it at the gay community. He was trying to describe what jackass this guy was that told Loretta Hunt something untrue about backstage passes.

Come on people, we’re smarter than that. He had every right as an American to say what he said about Loretta Hunt. Just because the news is saying that it’s wrong, doesn’t make it actually wrong. We still have freedom of speech in this country, but people are trying to take it away.

I’m offended by women’s groups being offended because Dana called her a bitch. There’s hundreds of rap songs that refer to women as bitches and hoes, yet I don’t see any women’s groups up in arms about it. I bet their daughters have the very albums that I’m referring to. You can pick and choose when you want to be offended, that’s just bullshit.

I think Loretta Hunt should apologize to Dana for what she reported. All media should be held accountable for their reports and if they’re wrong, they should be fined! They tell half the truth and they should be fined and made to tell the whole story. Reporting the news to the world is a very powerful position and news organizations have to take responsibility for their actions. I think it’s time we stand up and demand that they do!

Anyways, that’s my rant, here’s the video of Dana White on ESPN E:60. Let me know what you think.

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HZP1wdEGI5A[/youtube] [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1UdSQ4Yn0XY[/youtube]

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  1. discgolferj

    I totally agree with Dana’s reaction to Loretta Hunt’s story. Anonomous comment reporting should just remain that ‘anonomous’. If no has the balls to back what they say then it should never be reported. It is like putting stock in something that does not exist. Society puts worth in only certain people’s opinions based on what they know about the person speaking. If there is no source then there should be no story. Stop wasting our time ghost journalists.

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