Can Maia Win at UFC 112???

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Maia vs. Silva

I would like to thank Geoff and Bam for taking the time  to write a guest post on Here is another great guest post but this time it’s from BAM. Great job!!

With the upcoming UFC 112 “invincible” just around the corner the big debate is can Demian Maia beat Anderson Silva?

We all know Anderson Silva (25-4-0) is a superb striker and is deadly to say the least in the clinch but has shown some holes in his ground game and take down defense (exposed by Travis Lutter) Anderson has a black belt in BJJ and has shown his skill in the art by tapping out Lutter and Henderson .BUT all 4 of his losses have come via submission .

Maia (12-1-0) is arguably the best BJJ artist in the world today the 5 time BJJ champion has taken the fight with 8 weeks to train, Maia has finished 8 of his 12 wins via submission with 5 of those in the UFC  4 of which have awarded him submission of the night bonuses. Maia has been improving on his striking and is training with wand fight team  for his upcoming bout .

As long as Maia can stay away from Silva’s hands and survive any clinch situations long enough to take the champ down the difference in BJJ superiority will become apparent and Maia COULD walk away with the belt!.

BAM makes a great point about this fight. Maia could be the one to take down the spider. What do you think?

Please leave a comment and share your opinion and show Bam some love.

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  1. loco_motive

    DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince thought they could take Mike Tyson too. lol. you’re making me think though.

  2. Brendan

    While miracles do happen once in a blue moon… I believe this fight is going to play out exactly like the Thales Leites one at UFC 97. I could be wrong and my perception could be completely off, but I do not perceive any fighter in the middleweight class breaking down Anderson in any aspect (grappling, striking, BJJ, boxing, etc). Damian will just be another tally in Anderson’s already long list. With that said, it will be a great night of fights to say the least!

  3. loco_motive

    lol just watched the weigh ins. Silva said … my belt my time NO PROBLEM!!! had on a shirt that said.. trust me I’m a jedi. hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  4. The Constant Complainer

    OMG, ladies and gents, I can’t wait to hear your opinions on the disasterous main event from UFC 112. Ug. What a waste of money and time watching. I’ll look forward to commenting more in detail when MMA Punk gets the usual summaries posted. But in the meantime, I truly believe that Silva should fight on the untelevised undercards moving forward – just like Dana White suggested.

  5. loco_motive

    Well o.k. but If Silva is that bad and desreves to be hung in front of the town,what does that say for MAIA. I totally believe that everyone feels let down by Anderson and thats fine but he did win the fight!! His job as champ is to win fights. He did that. Haven’t you guys ever been the best at something and have to deal with the pressure to keep everybody happy , its not an easy thing to do. Maia has lost 2 of hids last 3 and just because he goes 5 with Silva hes a hero? Doesnt that tell you how much you all have a secret romantic crush on Anderos? Expectations are too high! He’s human, he can make mistakes , he’s unbeaton in the Octagon has the record for title defences and has finished all but 2 fights in the UFC. So what, he didn’t do what all the fans wanted him to do and finish again. He always finishes, if he was cocky and arogant in victory all people would say ” no one man is bigger than the sport” but thats the exact pressure thats put on him everytime he steps in the Octagon!! Everyone loves him so much and wouldn’t be so pissed if he had lost before but just because he is who he is , hes GOD like in articles about him and the way people feel about him. Step back from the fire storm and remember hes just a MAN who fights and cant always summon the power of grey scull to defeat apponents the way all his admirerers want him to!!! Remember please at the end of the day he still won , whether the fans like the way it happened or not he won.. AGAIN and will probably conyinue to do so.. So just calm down , your super hero isn’t really that super but he is still a winner. If Maia couldn’t beet him and he was that bad whats that say about Maia, hes not on the same level, stop trying to blame the fact you lost on your apponents antics and do something about it. Stop crying and get r done. Well I hope everyone gets where I’m coming from here!! Bottom line Maia didn’t get er done he also would fight for the first half of the fight either so stop pretending like Maia is so knoble. If he wanted to fught he would have stood and banged with Anderson but he didnt commit at all. Why should Anderson have to. Anderson is the champ and only had to not lose Maia had to win and win only. Maia f’d up and should have taken it to Andeson more instead of allowing Anderson to do what he did. He didn’t adapt and overcome and and Silva is still champ . Damian cried , why? because he wanted Anderson to put himself into a position were he could be succesful? Give me a break, If you wanted the belt you should have taken it Maia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. E.Shaakz

      u didnt even watch the fight byers silva shit the bed!it says a lot 4 maia,the only guy 2 last 5rd wit silva on there feet.u cant dance around actin like u can finish it whenever u want and then get out fought at the a silva fan but that was just garbage!there is nothing u can say bad about maia,he stuck 2 his plan and didnt get caught up is silvas games.{unlike everybody else}silva is 2 blame 4 the hurting fight.he is the champ so he should set the pace of the fight,witch he did the first 2 or 3 rounds,but then what?got beat if u ask me lol.silva can say whatever he wants 2 try 2 justify the fight but bottom line is he went 2 a dec wit maia{should of been 1st or 2nd tko silva} and then had maia tellin him along wit the ref 2 come fight and stop runnin.dana said maia can fight who ever he wants so i say nates next{cuz y would u want 2 fight on a undercard or cable wit silva lol}maia gained fans silva lost them,whos the real winner?

  6. loco_motive

    I did watch!! Whats it say for Silva ,if it says something that Maia lasted 5 rounds with him?? Expectations are high!! Just like the old saying goes.” once again my reputation preceeds me”….. So Maia’s plan was just to survie.. O.K. he did that ,but that dont win a championship. If losing 2 of 3 makes you a winner then you might as well crown his ass. Once again if expectations are soooo high that if nobody is aloud to go to a decision with him , why not make him fight robots or something , then if he doesnt win 1st or 2nd KO people wont be so dissapointed. Its simple, Maia had a good plan to survive but not to win the fight. Give Maia some respect for getting to the decision .. thats fine ,but dont be so quick to stomp out anderson ,because he did win and is still champ and as Maia proved Sat night , Andersons also just a man, a man that probably gassed out but wasnt taken enough advantage of to lose the fight.

  7. Bam!! Bam!!

    you guys both make good points but Anderson Silva was just plane disrespectful the show boating was WAY to extreme and apparently he was talkin shit in the ring ( I don’t speak portugese so I don’t know what was said) Hes supposed to be The champ and a major face of the sport and acting the way he was acting is poor and unsportsman like….I’m just sayin!

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