Anderson Silva … a champion or a villain?

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At UFC 112 many fans witnessed what is considered to be one of, if not the, most disrespectful fights in mma history, Anderson Silva vs. Damien Maia. Silva had stated “Maia disrespected me as a fighter” and said “This is my job and I take it seriously.” Being and mma fighter would be one hell of a job, a job in entertainment where the fans play a massive toll. But mma is a sport, and in sports respect is earned with skills and sportsmanship. Anderson clearly has the skills of a champion, and at one time showed a great deal of sportsmanship.

On Saturday April 10th Silva completely disrespected Maia, and even his own fans. Silva clearly came into this fight incredibly angry and had a game plan of embarrassing Maia like he did Griffin. Silva’s fight with Griffin was the beginning of the new side we see of him, basically a humble fighter that has been eaten alive by confidence. Yet us as fans praised the Silva vs. Griffin fight calling it “the most embarrassing KO” and “one of the most impressive display of stand up skills”. Silva earned knockout of the night AND fight of the night. In a career clearly you would be wanting to earn the most possible in the situation you are given.

Anderson wanted a bonus for this fight, and to earn it he needed to get the crowd excited and out of their seats, they loved it last time so why not this time? Silva came out with the same game plan, except this time to our surprise went for 3 rounds straight. After having the first three were in the books, Silva pulled out the dirty card and ran away for the next 2 rounds. This was a low shot at the fans. Silva as we all know is a counter puncher, and almost needs you to come at him. But Maia wasn’t willing to play his game. But put yourself in Silva’s shoes for one minute…. You’re considered one of the best on the entire planet, you’ve completely demolished a weight class in the best league in the world, won your last 12 fights in a row, which consisted you stealing the belt and defending it a record breaking 6 times. You’re the man… and there’s nothing to it, or so you would think so. The confidence is will beat u down, a true champion is someone who can stay humble through all of this. Which Silva seems to have lost.

As annoying as this can be, Silva is the MW champ, and he’ll be in the UFC the entire time he is the champ, and he knows this. Silva seems to look at the competition as amateurs, almost as if their just sparing partners. We are all clearly disappointed with him right now, but there’s nothing we can do… he can screw with everyone he fights and he can pull it off every time, he can do what he wants. Love him or Hate him, he has the belt, MW division is his house and if you want that house you gotta beat him. I do feel for Maia, but as for him saying that “the last 2 rounds I tried a lot harder but he just wouldn’t fight me”… he danced around the last 2 rounds and barely threw shots, you want the belt? Then get it…. You’re not in the woods, or on the streets, your in a locked up cage… he’s got no where to go. You can’t stand around and expect a counter puncher to attack you..

As for Silva being on an undercard, forget it guys. Even if 100% of UFC fans hated him, his pay per views will still sell out every time because one day he will lose the belt and everyone wants to see it. Maybe this will really spice up the UFC even more, a hated disrespectful champ. A clown who could become a UFC villain, Something like the Joker. Who wouldn’t wanna see him lose. It WILL happen when he faces someone who isn’t intimidated, nervous, and makes a lot of mistakes. In other words we need a Batman (A.K.A GSP)

Prediction– GSP by unam decision, 5 rounds of being pinned on his ass, getting tea bagged, and ground & pounded till his face looks like chewed up bubble gum.

As the french would say, “I tink e would lose te fight!”

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  1. loco_motive

    Awesome!!!!! Man you nailed it , in my opinion. Thats what I tried to say on Bam’s post. So what!!!! he didnt KO Maia HE STILL WON. So he’s a Villian now , even better!!! In this sport the guy whos winning is always the fan favorite, I say thae fact that he’s stsarting to become a heel in most of the fans eyes is Awesome. spence daddy is right here!!! The fans will want to watch this!!! I will and I’m sure even a casual fan who heres about the “EVIL” Anderson Silva fighting from their friends a co-workers will want to watch as well. I love that Spence can see the BIG Picture here. Silva is just a man and with any run like Silvas been on it starts to change your perception of things and peoples perception of you ……. AWESOME POST!!!!!!

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